About Me


As a certified naturopath, paediatric healing practitioner and a member of trained medical staff, I have gained several years’ experience working in hospitals and other health facilities. Since I am myself the mother of two children, it is very important to me to use my knowledge to help you and your children, to maintain the health of you and your family.




  • State-approved medical practitioner since 1999

  • Diploma in wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid in 2004

  • Training in Chinese infant medical massage Xiao Er Tuina at the Tuina Aus-und Fortbildungszentrum Hamburg 2004

  • Training in acupuncture and TCM in obstetrics at the Ausbildungszentrum Nord für Klassische Akupunktur und TCM 2005

  • Specialist training for paediatric healing practitioners at the Paracelsus HP-Schule in Hamburg 2006

  • Training in the Quality Management System in 2005

  • A member of trained medical staff


Of course I am also a member of FDH - The German Association of Naturopaths